Beta 1, Day 1 Configuration Test
Sunday, July 29th, 2018 - IT/Alpha/Beta 1

CURRENT STATUS: Test on Wyrmling has ended.


Today’s testing thread is available at:

Crafting Instructions:

Work-in-Progress Player Guide:

Patcher Update: Make sure that you exit any running version of your patcher before you try to go into the game/install a server, etc. You only need to do this once.

If you hit the install button, and it’s not installing, make sure the hard drive you are installing to has at least 20G free. The patcher will currently not tell you that you don’t have enough hard drive space and will fail to install.

If after you install NuadaPrep successfully you are stuck on “Awaiting Update” for more than a few minutes, close the patcher, check for any stray client.exe files (kill them if they are there) and start again.

If you hit play, but it is not launching, check if you have a running background process and kill it. There will be UI feedback coming with the next patcher UI push.

This test doubles down on the previous items we are looking into. We’re using the home islands, one builder island for each realm, Dragonfang scenario, and the contested island.

Who: IT/Alpha/Beta 1
Where: Wyrmling
When: Sunday, July 29th, 2018 -Servers will be up for one hour only!

What are we testing now:

The actual server build configuration for Beta 1, Day 1.
Try all the different parts of the game as they will look on B1D1.

Home Islands
Contested Island - Damage is back on! Building is enabled.
Scenario 2 (Point Capture - Dragonfang Isle)
The new patch client
Zoning between islands
Building Islands - This is where you will be building for this test!
Building (See building doc linked above)
General performance
Alpha version of Camelot Unchained
Anything else!

Make sure you are using the latest video drivers for your card(s)
Please remember that we are still in Alpha. And even when we go to Beta 1, it’s still Beta 1 so don’t expect a finished/polished/balanced game yet!

Forum Feedback:
How: If you go to the Forums and post a bug that involves performance, crashing, weird visual issues, please post a DXDiag. We need it to help debug the problem. Without it, depending on the issue, we might not be able to tell you anything useful.

If you get stuck somewhere or fall in a pit you can’t get out of, please take a screenshot of the PHYSICS tab which is located in the upper right. Those positions listed there are important to us. Typing it into the forums works too!

Graphics Settings Change:
Note: There is now a fullscreen toggle and resolution selector in the settings menu.

Known Issues:
Per tests earlier today, on the control point scenario map, you may respawn off the edge of the island or stuck in a model or terrain. Use /stuck to respawn. (We are working on a fix.)

Scenarios may or may not be running already when you login. You will need to queue into it in order to get to the scenario zone. Automatic queuing is disabled.

To queue into a scenario, such as Point Capture, click the game controller icon in the upper left HUD and click Find Match.

(Alternatively, you can use the old way, by clicking the “Dev UI button in the upper right, then the “scenarios” button to get to the same window.)

If you’re in a scenario, then before switching from one scenario to another, you’ll need to leave the one you’re in first. To do this, use the controller icon again and click on Quit for the one that you’re in. You should only see one as you can only be in one scenario at a time.

Known Issue: There is a crash while building we are tracking. Just log back in and head back to your plot.
Building is enabled on the Contested Island on NuadaPrep. Make sure to save blueprints of your builds!
Per previous tests earlier today, there is a regularly occurring issue where players spawn in the water after teleporting to or from the home, contested island or builder islands. - We’re working on this.
Building: We are working around some of our Beta 1 configuration settings for plot claim items and number of plots you can have, to facilitate this test. This is not indicative of the final game. Please let us know if you cannot place and build upon a plot.
If you were in previous building test, building is not set to instantaneous now. We’ve turned down the physical build speed, which means you will see those blocks building over time, on top of your plans.
We’ve turned down the number of viewable plots based on distance based on memory constraints.
Everyone should have 5 plot claim items. Limits on how many plots you can own is across all your characters of the same faction, swapping to a different character of the same faction will not allow you to own additional plots even though they have plot claim items in their inventory.
It is possible to fall off the edge of a building when your apparent position has not changed such it would appear that you have moved over the edge. From your perspective, it may appear that you’ve been “yoinked” over the edge. This is a known issue.
It is possible to place plots near spawn points. Please don’t do this. Plots will be deleted if they are obstructing player movement.
Placing interior lights isn’t enabled. Open your inventory and equip a torch. Bring some friends with more torches. TORCH PARTY!
Building stability and damage is off.

For this test, we will have one “Builder Island” active which can be accessed via the portals at the top of the stairs, behind the home island spawn point. (Go up the right-hand stairs. The left hand are slightly blocked in this build.) The first portal should be working.

You do not need resources for building so build to your heart’s content!
Find an area of terrain on which you would like to build. This is done by first placing a PLOT.

A plot is a piece of land, denoted by flags, that someone has claimed. The owner can build on it.

Open your inventory (by pressing the I key) and locate the Plot Claim item. You should have at least one in your starter kit.
Right-Click on it and choose Deploy. (Known issue: Deploy will behind the item info window.)
Close the inventory window. Toggle I key or close the window with the x in the upper right.
Move the plot to a preferred location and Left-Click the mouse button once you’ve found a suitable spot.
Click the Commit button. Note that you may not be able to do this in certain locations, alike the home islands. Once clicked, your plot item will disappear forever, and you’ll receive a Plot Deed. You can’t pick your plot back up at this time, so place it wisely!

Now enter Building Mode from within the game by pressing the F key, or you can click the C.U.B.E. icon in the toolbar located in the upper left.

You’ll see some menus appear on the left and right sides of the screen.

You can use the Hotbar to add/remove blocks. Here’s a quick overview of its commands:

` Toggle Placement Mode and Selection Mode
1 Place (+ icon) or Delete (- icon) selected block (use tilde ` to toggle (This is the ^ key on some keyboards))
2 Undo previous action
3 Redo previous action
4 Rotate on X-axis
5 Rotate on Y-axis
6 Rotate on Z-axis
7 Flip on X-axis
8 Flip on Y-axis
9 Flip on Z-axis

The large white lines around your plot denote the plot dimensions.

Building Known Issues:
Players may experience a freeze when placing blocks. We are currently investigating this.
Missing blocks or holes.
Inaccurate collision in some place. Our fix seemed to work, so please let us know if you still encounter similar issues.
Stretched or inaccurate textures across some areas of a building.
Sometimes walking up stairs you have built may be problematic - getting stuck, can’t move forward, etc.
Tap moving can yank you farther than expected.


Help us sanity check this. Especially when leaving a scenario. Joining scenarios and quitting out of them, or playing them until they finish. Do you return to the Home Island or somewhere unexpected?

Known Issues:

If you experience a client disconnect, try reconnecting.
Don't use in-game overlays.
There is a regularly occurring issue where players spawn in the water after teleporting to or from the home and contested island.
Per tests earlier today, on the control point scenario map, you may respawn off the edge of the map or stuck in a model or terrain. Use /stuck to respawn.
If your UI crashes and /reloadui doesn’t fix it for you, relaunch the client.
There will be a few moments of pause before a scenario begins. When you queue into a scenario, you may also be teleported to two locations before it begins.
Game map is currently not accessible.
If you see an FPS issue, try relaunching your client. We’ve been tracking an issue with memory that may cause stuttering.
If you see a client crash on launch, try logging in with fullscreen disabled (Alt-Click on Play Now and use fullscreen=0).
If you stop seeing targeting info for enemies and friendlies, do a /reloadui.


Be on the lookout for client hitches, especially in Scenarios. Watch your time delay. Is it higher than usual?

Also, we turned off the color tinting on models that we use to push the renderer harder. Please let us know if any of the models look partially formed/bugged out at times.

If you have played with this character before and you have uncollected progression, you’ll be presented with a dialog asking you to see your progression report. Click Yes. From this screen, you’ll be able to see various day logs. Click Collect All to get your character rewards. If you want to see more info about your progression status, you can do this via Dev UI in Progression.

If this is a new character, then play the game, use skills, play in scenarios, deal damage, have fun! After a while, you should be presented with the progression dialog if we run progression and you’re online. If you’re offline and we run it, it will show up the next time you sign in.

Check out the other tabs in the progression UI:

Character Day History - a viewer for looking at what the player did on different game days.
Collect - collects the next progression package (if one is available).
Character Summary - show a summary of all collected progression packages.
Stats - shows the current bonus points applied for each stat, including xp progress to next bonus point.
Skills - shows the current level of each skill, including xp progress to next bonus point.
Realm Summary - shows a summary of actions taken by the entire realm.

Bonuses applied to player stats will also be reflected in the Character’s Stats tab in the character UI.


You may frequently hit a client deadlock. Folks were hitting this during testing on Friday and we’ve included a possible fix, but we aren’t certain if the issue is resolved fully at this time.
If you are logging into the game with a 6-7 year old CPU, it won’t work (yet). 6.5% of the crashes we experience are due to that problem. We’re working on a version that will solve that issue.
Please make sure that you’re running a release version of Windows. If you’re using the Windows 10 Insider Preview, expect to see some strange behavior. We don’t recommend using this build for testing purposes.
The game’s skills are just first passes to test different aspects of the game. They are not balanced, never were intended to be balanced, and will be balanced during the Beta 1 process
Please make sure you restart your patcher before connecting
We’re seeing a memory leak on the client. We’re currently investigating it.
There’s a bug in the lighting system that causes areas of the game to be pitch black depending on the time of night. That will be fixed before Beta 1, Day 1.
Lighting “flickers” inside of shadows.
If your patcher says “Playing” and is greyed out and you have crashed out of the game, restart your patcher. That should fix it. If it doesn’t, open your Task Manager and see if any of our “client.exe” files are hanging around, if they are, end them.
World map is currently broken.
If you click “Play Now”, and the button changes to “Launching” and then back to “Play Now”, try the following:
Check task manager and kill any client.exe processes
If you’ve made any files in your client directory read-only, you’ll need to undo that
If neither of the above options work, restart your patch client.

You can turn vsync off by using
/vsync 0 in game, or by using vsync=0 on startup

To do that, Alt-Click on the play button and a command window will come up. That’s where you would enter (type the following exactly as written)